Chit Chat - 20 questions

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Here are the answers to the questions you guys left on my chit chat video :) 

Q: What's your favorite drugstore brand?
A: I'd say its a tie between Maybelline and Revlon.

Leah Nicole
Q:What's your favorite kind of cat?
A: The super fluffy ones with blue eyes. I think they're called ragdolls. Soooo cute.

Q: What's your favorite nail polish?
A: My favorite brand of nail polish is Xtreme Wear by Sally Hansen cause they have a wide variety and they're super cheap. My favorite color though is pale pink. Teddy Girl by Butter London is super pretty. I'm also obsessed with glitter polish.

R Rivera
Q: What is your favorite drugstore makeup remover.
A: I've been using Ponds makeup remover wipes for the last several months and I really like them.

Q: What Type of music do you listen to? Who are some of your favorite artists/bands?
A: I like all kinds of music. I don't really have a favorite genre. Some of my favorite artists/bands are Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, Luke Bryan, The Afters...I could name a ton more.

Q: Do you like the Ramones or do you just like that shirt?
A: Honestly I just bought the shirt because I liked it..hehe. I am familiar with a couple of their songs at least!

Marissa Trown
Q: Did you design your blog yourself.
A: Yes ma'am. I wish I was super artsy and good with html but I did what I could within my skill set haha.

laura kelly
Q: What's your favorite fashion trends at the moment?
A: I love all the floral prints and pastel colors that are out right now. Perfect for the spring and summer!

Carolina Slater
Q: Favorite movie?
A: I'm a sucker for the romance movies. Safe Haven was soooo cute. The first Sky Kids was pretty sick
though too... I watched that one quite a few times.

laura kelly
Q: Are you in college? Or have you gone to college?
A: Nope. I have no idea what I would go for so I don't want to waste my time and money right now. If I figure out something I would want to go for though I would definitely go back to school.

Lisa Avery
Q: Why did you start blogging? I'm looking to get into it. Any tips?
A: I had a blog back before I even started Youtube (grade 8 maybe?) I can't even remember what was on it but I think it was pretty lame. It's just something I find super fun! There are a lot of free platforms to start a blog on. The first one I used was I used wordpress after that which is more complex but a lot better if you're good with computery things like html and such. I'm on blogger now and its my favorite so far. Easy to use and a lot of people I'm familiar with use it as well. Just find a niche, sign up for a site and start posting :)

Q: Did you enjoy school?
A: I didn't necessarily enjoy school but I didn't hate it. I got decent grades and made some good friends there that I'm still friends with now. Overall a decent experience I guess.

Finlay Foster
Q: What are the subjects you studied or are studying at school?
A: Not in school currently. If I go back it will be for something business or art related.

Lelo La
Q: What are you doing in your daily life at the moment?
A: Youtube, modeling, some travelling, and just hanging out!

Clare Baldwin
Q: What is your favorite clothing brand?
A: I don't wear a lot of brand clothes. Some of my favorite stores though are Forever21, Dynamite, Windsor, H&M, and Sirens.

Q:What are your best tips to stay in shape, best healthy snacks?
A: Get in a routine and stick to it. Eating healthy and working out can be hard but if you make it into a habit it gets a lot easier. Some of my favorite healthier snacks are dried fruit, nuts (cashews are my faveeee) and smoothies.

Q: What is your most reached more makeup item.
A: Probably foundation. I've been using Maybelline Superstay for quite a while now

Aly Lucy
Q: What tips do you have for people who are starting a Youtube channel?
A: Do it for the fun of it. Whether you make it big or not just do it because you want to! If its something you are thinking of doing I would say go for it as long as you have tough skin. I'm really glad I did but you have to be prepared for the good and the bad. Some people are pretty rude on the internet so don't put yourself out there if you can't handle rude comments!

Q: What breed is Tucker?
A: Tucker is a teacup Chihuahua

Aroosa M
Q: Favorite songs?
A: Some of my favorite songs as this moment are 'I Need Your Love' by Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding, 'C'mon Let Me Ride' by Skylar Grey ft. Eminem, and 'This is What it Feels Like' by Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie. Oh, and I think the most beautiful song ever is 'To Build a Home' by The Cinematic Orchestra

If you have any more questions leave them as a comment and I'll get to them in my next 20 questions :)


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  1. what color u dyed ur hair? xoxo :* :)

  2. how did you get to living in the Vancouver area? have you always lived there?

  3. How did you promote your first video? Did you told to your friends to see or they find out? kisses from Portugal.

  4. I love your music taste! Do you have a spotify playlist you could share? :)

  5. Can you please do a blog post or youtube video on how often you go to gym, what you eat etc. I would LOVE to know and follow your tips, maybe for those who can't get to a gym? Love you blog and video Melissa!xo

  6. I'm a tall girl too! Do you wear heels out or just flats?

  7. How did being a model come about? I'm just curious!