Uses for Coconut Oil

by - 10:37 PM

Lately I've been using coconut oil for just about everything. There are many different uses as well as health benefits and it can be found at most grocery or health food stores. Today I want to share with you my top 5 favorite ways to use coconut oil!

1.  Healthy dairy-free replacement for butter or vegetable oil when cooking. Try it on popcorn, in stir fries ect.

2. As a skin moisturizer- I have been applying coconut oil to my face and leaving it on for a few hours or even overnight. It won't clog pores and has an spf of 4. Rub it in all over your body for a nice healthy glow (plus it smells good!)

3. Mix with sugar for a body or face scrub

4. Makeup remover 

5. Leave in your hair overnight for a deep condition. I'm going to be trying this out mixed with peppermint oil. I've heard it stimulates the hair follicle to help your hair grow. 

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  1. When you leave it in your hair over night do you put it in your hair wet or dry?

  2. I lately use a hair shampoo with coconut oils in it, and it does really make your hair grow faster :)

  3. Just used it in my hair Friday night- amazing!!