Beautycon LA with Bellami

by - 7:56 PM

Hello everyone! If you did not already know...I was in LA for the past 4 days with Bellami for a photoshoot and Beautycon. I can honestly say it was the funnest trip I've ever been on and met so many wonderful people! I got some vlog footage while I was there and edited the video on the plane ride home. It is now live for your viewing pleasure. I thought I'd also share some photos I got and will also share the shoot photos once they are in my possession. Hope everyone is doing well and let me know what you think of the vlog!



Reppin Bellami! Met these girls for the first time a few days ago but I feel like they could be my sisters. So happy we were able to meet :)

Sophia Bush, Meghan Jessica Marie and I at the Beautycon industry party @ The Youtube Space!

Christina Milian, Queen Pee, Kandee Johnson and some Bellami Bellas. 

Hanging out on on the roof of Siren Studios.

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  1. Where did you get those sunglasses! SO CUTE

  2. Hey!! I really love your videos !!! Could you give us some good music you listen to? (the last one (Blackbear) on your video, love iitt ...
    thank youu
    have a wonderful day :)