Bye Bye Blonde

by - 1:07 PM

I'd been considering going darker for the past few weeks and yesterday I decided to just do it. My hair has been extremely damaged over the years from continuous bleaching and it was in need of a break. I'm going to miss the blonde but I like the change for fall/winter. I picked up my color and developer from Sallys beauty supply. If you are considering dying your hair at home I would recommend going there over the drugstore. The prices are pretty comparable and you're getting salon quality. You can also get help from the staff when picking out your color. The color I went with is called 'Dark Warm Blonde' from Ion Color Brilliance (demi-permanent). I did some research before hand so I knew my outcome wouldn't be dark blonde. My hair turned a medium/dark brown with reddy/purple undertones. I'm happy with the color for now but once it fades out I plan on dying it a slightly different color. 


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  1. omg this brown suits you so well! i like it better than blonde :)