First Time Moving Out

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In a few weeks from now I will be moving out for the first time. Woohoo! My cousin and I found a cute 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse that we will be renting out together and I'm stoked! There's definitely some things I'm going to miss from living at home but I've been looking forward to having my own space and taking on some more responsibly. We've recently started shopping for stuff for the new place and there's so many random things you don't think about that you need. I thought it would be fun to vlog the moving process and also do some blog posts of home decor and such. Todays post is a 'shopping list' for myself and to help anyone who is thinking about moving out in the near future.

Things for the kitchen:
Coffee maker
Plates & bowls
Pots & pans
Cups & mugs 
Drawer organizers
Cutting board
Mixing bowls
Measuring cups & spoons
Cooking utensils (mixing spoons, spatula, whisk ect.)
Baking sheets, muffin tins ect.
Bottle & can opener
Food storage containers
Plastic wrap & tinfoil
Dish soap & dish washer soap
Sponges or wash cloths
Hand towels
Paper towel
Paper towel holder
Garbage bin
Garbage bags 

Trash bin
Toilet brush
Toothbrush holder
Shower curtain 

Cleaning Supplies 
Broom & dustpan 
Cleaning detergents (Windex, Vim ect.) 
Laundry soap

Living Room/Dining Room
Coffee Table
Table and chairs

(I'm skipping bedroom since its likely most people already have a bedroom in their first home)

I'm sure once we're moved in we'll find more things that we need but I think this list covers most of the necessities. Be sure to comment if you think I missed something!

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  1. Good luck but I'm sure everything will go great! I'm currently in uni so don't technically live at home atm but come this September I will be privately renting an ordinary apartment with 2 friends. I'm so nervous but obviously excited at the same time just like you. This is a great post to double check against the items which I already have, I would love a post showing all the new things you have picked up :)

    Love your blog /video's & tumblr <3 xoxo

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