My Experience With Tape In Hair Extensions

by - 4:10 PM

If you're thinking about getting tape ins i'm here to give you the run down on my personal experience and answer any questions you have!

These photos were taken a few months apart. Both after just getting the extensions installed.

How much do they cost?: I got my extensions installed at Brush salon in Vancouver. The hair was ordered by my hair dresser (not sure where from, it was just her supplier) The hair itself cost $400 and to have them installed cost around $100. Every re-installation is around $100 as well.

How long do they last?: In the photo to the left the hair extensions are 8 months old. I'm taking them out permanently in a few weeks so for me they lasted 9 months.  How long they last really depends on what hair you bought in the first place and how well you take care on them. On average I think they should last 6 months to a year. You need to get the hair moved up (re-installed) every 2-3 months.

Do they damage your hair?: Personally I didn't find them to be damaging. I would wear clip in extensions almost every day before getting tape ins and found those were worse on my hair.

Would you get them again?: I would definitely get them again. When I take them out in a few weeks I'm planning on rocking my natural hair for a while but will probably be getting them again.

Cons?: There are a few draw backs to having tape ins. First of all they aren't cheap. Secondly it sucks washing your hair. Lastly they occasionally fall out.

If you have A question I didn't get to just leave a comment and I'll be replying or updating this post. :)

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  1. how many extensions did you wear and what brand?