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Lululemon is definitely known for their leggings. They are a bit of an investment but worth every penny in my opinion .. as long as you pick the right ones for you! It can be a bit overwhelming with all the different styles, lengths , materials, colours so I thought I would share my top 3 leggings (or tights / pants as they are called) as a sort of guide to shopping at Lululemon.

1. Best Of The Best - The Align Pant II Pant 25"

These are hands down the most comfortable leggings you will ever wear. They feel like butter and fit like a glove. I have the Align Pant II 25" (honestly not sure what the difference is between the original and the II) in 'incognito camp multi grey'. I'm not huge into camo but this print is my favourite. A little bolder than your typical black or grey leggings but subtle enough to still go with everything. These pants are not recommended for intense workouts but are great for activities like yoga, lounging around or running errands.

I also have the Align Pant 28" in a mauve pink color. These are equally as great but I find I wear my other pair of aligns more. Even though I'm pretty tall ( 5'10") I prefer the 25" - it cuts off right above my ankles and doesn't have any extra material bunching up at the bottom.

2. Runner Up - Wunder Under High Rise - Full On Luxtreme

If I could only own one pair of leggings it would be these. They are the most versatile tights and can be worn for any kind of activity / workout. Wunder Unders come in a million different forms. Nulux, Luon, Luxtreme, super high rise, low rise, crop , 1/2 tight ect. My personal favourite is the High Rise - Full On Luxtreme in black. These leggings offer the perfect amount of support without flattening out your butt (please tell me I'm not the only one who gets a pancake a** in too thick/tight leggings?) and are pretty seamless.

I own these in the 28" inseam but if you're shorter than 5'10" the 25" might be a better fit. The photos above show the 25" length. (I swear they fit longer than the photo though... they are not capri leggings)

3. Best For Running - Fast and Free Tight II 25"

If you are a runner or do some form of high intensity workout and need pockets these are the leggings for you. I have the Fast and Free Tight II 25" Non-Reflective Nulux in the color 'Melanite' . If this color is still available I would highly reccomond. It's a great alternative to grey or black but is still pretty neutral. These leggings are pretty lightweight but offer great support.

They have deep side pockets as well as a waistband pocket for your keys, phone ect. The waistband has a drawstring to adjust the fit and I love the seamless cut at the ankles.

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