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Lightroom Mobile Presets for fire Instagram photos | #melissamerkpresets !

Earlier today I was layering filters on filters trying to get a nice bright photo that didnt wash out my tan but at the same time wasn't too saturated and it just wasn't happening for me. I ended up downloading some presets that also didnt work for me so I decided to make my own. It is now 8pm ( I started this in the am ) and after a lot of trial and error.. I have come up with the 'Summer Skin' preset! The pack includes 2 mobile presets for Lightroom CC - they are similar but one is less exposed for photos that may be pretty bright already. The preset was originally intended for selfies but I tried it on an array of photos and its actually quite versatile. Take a peek if you like and I have opened up an etsy shop where you can download and I will be posting more packs in the future! I love a good edit :)


Crisp Vintage:

Bright, Crisp + Slightly Desaturated


Soft, Neutral Tones

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