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Whole Foods Grocery List

I don't always shop at Whole Foods but I decided to treat myself to a little luxe grocery shopping experience. Thought I would share my haul since I'm always interested in seeing what people grab at the market!

My Grocery List:

Fresh Is Best Tortilla Chips

Mango Pineapple Salsa

Pomegranate Seeds

Organic Girl 50/50 Spring/Spinach Mix

Organic Kale

Organic Rainbow Carrots

Haas Avocado


Sweet Potato

Acai Berry Frozen Puree Pouches

Allegro Tea - Happy Tummy

Panda Raspberry Liquorice (my guilty pleasure)

Annies Macaroni + Cheese

Turkey Breast

Cheddar Cheese

Bakestone Brothers Sesame Bagels

Chosen Foods

Coconut Oil Spray


Castor Oil

Ground Turkey


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